Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's all part of the plan

Well isn't it lovely, Christmas is almost here! I am of course, stressed to hell because of the incompetence/laziness/wilful disobedience of the people I work with, coupled with the total disregard management has for being a good manager(nothing new) and the compound problems caused by the problems we now have to cope with following the collapse of woolworths(hint, I work for a store that used EUK as a distributor...and they were owned by woolworths, causing us to have no stock for a while...and now only have variable stock thanks to management buying direct from the suppliers...oh and we can't see gift cards, order in store, and you can't order online...all of which makes customers rather cross, and us rather stressed). Anyway, this has been the cause, among other things of my absence in the last month or so-my mood has been variable to say the least. I will however be starting to poast more regularly in the new year, and will have a review of the year along with lists(I love lists) and such very soon...just as soon as I remember what the hell was released this year. In the meantime scoot over to Big Beat From Badsville and have a fun lead up to Christmas.



Blogger Mr Rob said...

i love lists too as you will no doubt see on my current post. and cheers for the plug brother.

1:27 am  

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