Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm Back!

Ok Ok Ok. But what does it really mean?
In the context used, who knows, but in the context of 'I'm not Ok I promise' it means jack shit.
Enough of that, I've had enough of that.
Fun stuff: The Surrealist
You must go there, it is brilliant.
Ok, I assume you went there, and have now come back(you better have gone there, or else you will get a large feeling of stupidity on discovering how great it is)
Ok, NOW assuming you have been there and come back...I have an interesting question to pose you all
My cruelty/a moth without beauty/a pity/I can't see/the pity/when they see me/I'm bitter/why should I care/the flowers/are all around me/I crush them/I hate beauty/my butterfly/is hidden within me/my pity/is always with me/but do they see/why can't they see
My dark place/Is full of light/I block it/the light is far too bright/I mutate/into a creature of the night/I can't wait/to step back into the light/but I'm afraid/I might melt/but why/should I be full of guilt/and loathing/mixed with fear/thats not fair
My butterfly/is glistening so bright/in the darkness/it is bringing the light/it is beautiful/to not be afraid/to shine/and care once again/never mind what I felt like before/because the darkness/surrounds me no more/I love the sunshine/and people once more/the moth/once attracted to light/became a butterfly/and look at it shine
My question is, what do you think? I will say this:I had no intention of writing when I sat down at this computer, and I had nothing of this planned. It just...flowed. So, good or bad?
< Motor-fucking-head! Farscape-The Best Thing Ever, wooo!!!!