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A serious, if book based blog-please read and comment

Ok, now I'm leaving myself a bit open with this, but anyone who's been around here long enough, and that will probably be everyone, 'cos very few people read this, as I'm lazy and don't bother to go round lots of blogs and invite people, but anyway...
I value the opinions of everyone that reads this, and so I'm going to put up the 2nd draft of the first chapter of a book which has been in gestation for 3 years now, which is being co-written by me and James Briggs. I wrote most of this, and he wen't through and added and changed bits(all of the dialogue was him). As I was saying before, this book was mentioned about 2 years ago on these very pages, and is currently on hold, but I thought now would be a good time to try and get it going again. So please read, hopefully enjoy, and if you would, comment. Thank you.

This isn't finished yet, and I warn you it isn't the wizard of oz, it is quite extreme, but I'm sure none of you will object...

A gentle breeze ruffled through the leaves of the trees like the rough hairs on the scalp of a silent giant watching over, casting even darker pools of black over the moist, autumnal bed of the forest below. Even a mist had formed across the ground like a very thin veil that night, almost as though hiding the eyes of a place alive with secrets. Secrets of mysteries befitting a spirits playground, that ominous presence a human’s imagination can make rise from the ground of a woodland at night. But of course not all spirits are the ghostly kind, the kind our mind evokes into reality, some are altogether more real. It was like there was another mist going through the woodland that night. It was like the trees knew what it was.
A single, simple leaf broke free from the tip of a branch near the summit of one of the mountainous trees. Caught on a sudden updraft in the otherwise gentle wind it is swept upwards out above the forests vast canopy. Taken up while catching a glimpse of a startlingly brilliant spectacle in it’s spiral, the dramatic scene is of a huge intricate mass of trees, an army gathered at night in a never ending cycle. All of this against the backdrop of a sparkling sky, with its hundreds and thousands of brilliant bright lights illuminating the darkness like an unblinking firework show caught in a snapshot. The leaf flutters for a few seconds in its heavenly heights, in a perfectly beautiful moment in time that overstates itself above normal existence.
Suddenly, rapidly, its swirling, then descending like a kamikaze messenger of mother nature, its journey ends on the sharp pointed branch of one of the trees which brought it into creation. It slumps limply, curling up, almost as if trying to maintain its last attempt for existence or life. The breeze that deserted it heads on seeming to promise more leaves a chance of something more than slavery to the branches. That particular leaf however was sliding down further on its impaling branch, enlarging the tear that ruptured the leaf without sap bleeding from the wound. A tiny wire reached out like the leg of an insect emerging from a green landslide.
Josephine reached out a hand and removed the leaf from the twig. Taking it in her hand and the breeze running through her long blonde hair she walked back to Charles, standing and looking upwards.
“It’s so real,” she said uneasily.
“But none of it is” replied Charles looking to her, sighing but smiling, thinking that hopefully this would all be ‘a distant dream’ as soon as possible. He would be standing with her under the watch of skyscrapers and the only trips to woodlands would be real ones with their children, who he hoped would exist soon, a creation he could be truly proud to be father of. He even imagined two daughters and a son, that would be nice, by a river, together as a family and laughing.
“But it will be soon,” said Josephine, letting go of the leaf and letting it fall to the ground.
“It will do some good,” he said without much enjoyment.
“And it will all be because of you,” she comforted him. “And we’ll be able to live the life we want soon, you’ll be free of this place.”
She took his hand and he took hers. Hand in hand they begun to walk again, two lovers through the woodland of synthetic trees with their morbid realism, and seeming to watch them. Him in a simple casual denim jacket and jeans with plain black top underneath. Her also in denim jeans but lighter, with a white sleeveless top with a simple silver necklace around her neck. Both physiques toned for their sex’s. Charles with a handsome face, roughly shaven, short hair and sharp perceptive green eyes. Her with long blonde hair trailing down her back, flawlessly toned skin on a toned complexion. Both of them filled with concern like others for the way the world seemed to be changing.
Unaware of the scale the government underground network was taking over, the infamous ‘big sis’ as it was called on the streets and in common place, had turned serious. The alternate name a joke for what people just believed over concern by some. Charles worked in a way for them now in the bold future, but he for one knew that here in these trees, a testing ground, the eyes were away. Ironically here in the wake of yet more enforcement of Big Sis he could walk free with the person he loved.
That whole forest was part of a government project codenamed ‘Project Reality’. An experiment into simulating life in its various forms, especially trees, which had frustrated scientists up until now, who had until recently been unable to realistically recreate any sort of plant, without something failing to respond in the designed way. This forest had been the breakthrough though, mainly because of Charles and his select team. Only, there was another government body who was also keen to use this opportunity to experiment, but in a different way. This other organisation specialised in surveillance, and was interested in expanding their equipment into undetectable cameras, so that they could watch people without any hint of knowledge. This was the next step in the cleansing of crime from the world. You can see them, but they don’t even know you exist. One layer and piece of
philosophy in Big Sis, or course the others running deeper and as sinister as the mist.
No, he didn’t trust the government, everything was so perfect, yet felt so wrong, so contrived. But it didn’t stop him picking up his pay packet all the same, which was what made him feel dirty.
But right now what he focused on as they seemed to float on the mist was his future with Josephine. And just then they had made it to where he was leading her. He pulled back a branch and Josephine gasped as she rapidly went past him into a small circle clearing. The most beautiful and otherworldly synthetic foliage you could imagine around her as she circled from the centre. The perfect night sky above, each one as if diamonds brought for her.
“It’s amazing,” she said looking to Charles.
“I thought you would like it. This area is all mine, none of that surveillance shit. We’re all alone right now, no one in the world can see us,” he said walking up to her with a smile the same as hers.
“And I couldn’t think of anyone better to be alone with on this planet,” she said moving in on him. Her hands slipping round his back. His arms wrapping round her in return. They kissed, both smiling. Once their lips parted he reached into his pocket, then opened his hand before her. In his palm was a red flower with its large petals laying out like a coral creature you might find at the bottom of the ocean, this one with a golden ring at it’s centre. The reason for him bringing her here blossoming in that very instance.
“Will you…” he asked as her eyes looked from the ring to him, cutting him off as she brought their lips together again. “I couldn’t think of a better time than now,” he said to her with a serious face which then dawned with a sweet smile once she released him.
“Of course I will,” was her answer as the real flower fell into the synthetic foliage.
He slipped the ring down her finger and once it was on fully they passionately embraced, both their hands seeming to mould each other with affection, delving into each others hair as though searching in the deepness of their souls. They both began to move backwards until they centred in the middle of the space then, overcome by their want for each other, both their bodies seemed to agree as they went down, submerging down into that mist akin to people sinking down into a sea.
Charles hands moved down her as their bodies thrived in unison. Then, on a bed of synthetic foliage Josephine opened her eyes and stopped kissing him. Charles raised his face from hers.
“What is it,” he asked softly stroking her face with his hand. Her face was filled with love but some pain too, like a little lighthouse in the distance searching for something.
“I’m not sure about conceiving our child here,” Samantha said up to him.
“That’s ok.”
“No it’s not, this place, your place, it’s beautiful…”
“Look,” he said soothing her before she could go on “We will have all the time we want too soon. If theirs a god, he’ll let us know when the time is right.”
“I’ve never heard you talk about god before?” she said fascinated.
“I’ve never had any reason before, but looking at you I think theirs a possibility…” he then broke out into a joking grin.
Josephine playfully punched him gently in the ribs and went “you…” but they both broke out into laughter as they kissed again.
Finishing this time Charles lay down in the foliage, half upon her with his face turned away beside hers sunken down into her shoulder like a pillow, and then said “it’s true though, your everything now, gods just a symbol for life and you have brought me closer to that.”
Josephine’s head was to her side at that point in the foliage he had created, looking into the mist and wondering what their futures held. Then she slowly turned her head towards him, her hand finding its way to his, coming up to his.
“Then god, life, couldn’t have made a better time,” she said into his ear.
He turned his face up towards her, just in time for her other hand to come over and lay on his cheek with it’s new ring. His face…
…smacked against the wall with as much force as his body. After the dull thud, and the sound of a rib cracking, like a snapping twig, he was left writhing in agony on the cold metal floor, moaning and clutching at his body like he was trying to pull himself together. The door flew open with malice a second time, the door he had been hurled through and he stopped screaming. While he was rolling around he got a brief, pain tainted view of his surroundings. He was in what seemed like a normal laboratory, with what seemed to be an operating table in the centre, surrounded by instruments of some kind, but any further detail he could not make out, with ferocious white lights seeming to make the ceiling an entire glowing panel.
The lab was clinically silent for a moment, and then only the sound of shoes on a cold, hard floor, making their way towards him echoed. He…

…slid his hands underneath her top, and slowly pulled it up and over her head, exposing her delicate breasts. Her nipples were erect and, noticing this, he began massaging them with his fingertips, circling around from the outside all the way to the centre, all the while gazing into her sparkling eyes, sharing the emotion with each other. They leant forward with tongues leading and touching first, eventually leading in to a loving kiss. Charles let his hand drop away from her breast, and started helping Josephine to slide off his jacket, and then his plain black top. He smiled at her again and…
…was now lying on the table in the centre, the operating table. He was thinking, but his brain was not registering the seriousness of the situation, as his thoughts drifted into thinking about how he hated being operated on, and he wasn’t too sure about not having anaesthetic… suddenly his mind snapped out of it as he noticed that he was being watched by two men in white coats, who were looking incredibly calm, but incredibly cold. They exchanged words for a few seconds, but nothing he could hear. He was beginning to wonder if it was all a dream as his mind started to wander again, turning to thoughts of flying, floating through the air on a cloud, relaxing, reclining, smiling. All of a sudden the cloud turned black, and he stumbled, falling from it, and hurtling downwards until he hit solid ground with a thud, and his mind, panicking, focused sharply into attention in time to see a large needle about to be embedded into his arm, his vein. His eyes bulged with pain, as the razor sharp needle pierced him like a poisoned arrow straight through his earthly body, tearing his world apart with the ease of a sharp word through heavily tensioned air. He looked down at it, and…
…playfully ran his hand over her crotch, before lowering his head, leaning down, and positioning his hands either side of her. He slowly, but carefully ran his tongue down her torso, starting at her neck, down her chest all the way to her navel. Her face was a painting of pure joy amongst the flowers. Charles now came back up to her breasts, and lowered his head so he could reach out with his tongue and gently lick her nipples, the right one first, then the left. Then her started sucking the right one before raising his body again into a kneeling position at the base of Josephine’s legs. Slowly, gently he slipped off her jeans, then removed his, like a snake shedding its skin. By now, their anticipation was great, and they were eager to go all the way. Josephine slipped her knickers down her legs, the slid them off completely, exposing her smooth, shaven vagina, which lit up Charles’s face for a moment, breaking into a wide smile as he once again lowered his head, but this time further down on her body. She let out a cry as he slid his tongue into her, massaging her clitoris slowly at first, then faster. A single droplet of sweat gathered, then trickled slowly down his…
…agony masked face, until it got to his chin, where it fell, and scattered into tiny drops on the cold stone floor. The faceless torturers looked on, emotionless. He was caught in a nightmarish dream world created by whatever they had put in him. He could see his emotions running around as little people, encircling his body. Suddenly he saw red, everywhere, killing everything, but that was all he saw. His mind did not register details, it just informed him of death. Suddenly he made as if to double over, but his restraints held fast. Something was happening inside him. Something weird, something painful, something…then he really felt the poison kick in, melting reality and replacing it with a nightmare world in which pain ruled and he was its bitch. His body rippled with pain…
…as her screams became louder and more frequent, Charles decided it was time. He stopped, and slowly looked up into her eyes, the held eye contact for a moment before she nodded, and he pulled his boxers down, and then off his legs, and stood there, naked. He struck a pose, and her response was a giggle. He laughed, the in a sudden burst, he was down on top of her. They looked at each other lovingly for a moment, then he got into position and gently eased his erect penis into her. She let out a slight moan, and then motioned for him to continue. Charles responded by starting to slowly slide his penis out, then in again in a smooth motion. His piercing eyes…
…started to lose their sharpness, while he saw a blurred figure walk up to the table he was on. They stood there a moment, watching him. He then saw the unmistakable outline of another needle being readied, but this one looked different. He couldn’t make it out properly, but it appeared to be thicker. He braced himself for another injection in his arm, but watched as they brought the needle down towards his head. They moved to behind his head where he couldn’t see them, and he began to panic, and let out a slight whimper just as they thrust the thick, brutal needle deep into his brain. He went as if to scream, but nothing came out. He tried to speak, but he seemed to be moving in slow motion., as if underwater. A small, bright pink banana walked into his line of sight and sat down on the end of his nose “You really are losing it!” the creature informed him. He screamed…
…with her, as the rhythm increased speed. They locked tongues, licking each others, and embracing their lips. He moved his hands from the ground to underneath her, grasping her firm buttocks between his hard but gentle hands. He used this to help himself push into her, and she in turn grabbed his, and grabbed a firm hold of his muscular behind. They were getting close now, her screams a white wedding of love and ecstasy under a veil, her breath trying intensely to break through the sexual, exotic, invisible cloth, allowing the ease of her passage open to him, and his passage into her, making…
…his veins like rivers overflowing with evil and flooding his body while destroying his self and dampening his soul, the poison harvesting his body of good and planting the seeds of evil. His features crumpled as the devastating kick of the poison tore through his already ravaged body, his face a mask of torturous pain, as he grew ever weaker. His thoughts drifted as the ethereal visions of his poisoned mind began to control him, take over his conscious thought, unburdening his sense of self and overburdening his mind with the evil of men unfamiliar with guilt…
…and then with Josephine’s extremely erect nipples. He was now slowing down, then speeding up, kissing her, felling her warm, cute buttocks. He was licking her nipples, sucking them, then going back to kiss her again. It was approaching, and the noise was best described as the noise people make when they are nearing the peak of joy. Then it was time, and they came together, the climax tearing through their hot quivering bodies like a wave of joy, and as they both surfed on it, they held their position. The savoured the moment, the best they had ever had, and lay down exhausted but joyful, while…
…the red hot needle cast dancing shadows upon the eerily white, spotless walls as its heat haze preceded it in drawing droplets of fear from the quaking mass of DNA unravelling before it. An abominable scream bolted out of the convulsing man as the tip calmly slid into his penis. A nauseating odour rose, the stench of melting flesh filling the air alongside the smell of extreme terror, as the visage of a man possessed spewed forth a cry of agony. His scrotum seemingly retreated back into his body like a snail retracting from its aggressor, as his body fought in vain to control itself as pain overcame all, and he blacked out. The lights were switched off, and he was left alone in the dark of his absent mind.

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We are where the music is!

Ok Ok Ok Ok!!!!

Right, I now have, wait for it...

THE INTERNET AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long time coming eh?

Well now, I can finally blog on here with some regularity,i.e, when I want to, or have something to say, not whenever I can make my way to the library, and have only a limited time to write what I want.

So expect me to be posting A LOT. At some point soon I will be writing a blog about what you all missed while I was 'away'. But for now, I'm off out. To the pub, see you soon!
< Motor-fucking-head! Farscape-The Best Thing Ever, wooo!!!!