Friday, December 30, 2005

...and one for luck

Right. As the harsh winds of winter whip at our skin, tanning it with frost, our spirits should remain high, and our warmth should come from within. I say this because the few days leading up to christmas saw where I work awash with the misery of all the scrooges who think of christmas as a time to be a miserable cunt rather than be happy and enjoy it. I really don't need hordes of miserable people ruining my day. Is there any need to be so rude to us retail staff? Don't they think we are people too, or do they just not think. We don't make the rules. If we are out of stock is it our fault? No it bloody well isn't. The ammount of customers that felt the need to take out all their christmas blues on us was disheartening to say the least. I was still polite to all of them, more to be able to say that I did my job well than anything, but it really pissed me off. Retail staff have to be polite, and if you abuse them, more often than not, you will have made their day (even more) miserable. They can't show it, but why do it? I have to be happy and polite to hundreds of customers each week, thousands sometimes, especially around christmas. All the shoppers have to do is go into a few shops and say a few words. Would it really take that much effort to be polite?
So next time you're in a shop. Be nice to the people behind the counter, obviously provided they are doing their job and being polite to you. It doesn't take much.
Rant over. A happy(drunk!) new year to all of you, and happy shopping!

All together now...

Merry christmas to you all. Sorry I'm a bit late, but as I can only access the internet in the library, I wasn't able to post anything before now. Also, may you all have a merry new year as well. I know I will!

Monday, December 19, 2005


Best Book: Neil Gaiman-Sandman...I can't remember which one
Runner Up: I really should read some of the many books I have, but finding the time or patience isn't easy anymore. Especially makes me feel guilty because I love reading so much and used to read so much...well at leasy my new years resolution is easy.

Best CD: Porcupine Tree-Deadwing
Runner Up: Ginger-Valour De Chorazon
Favourite old CD heard for the first time: Onthe sunday of life-Porcupine Tree
even though I've not heard it yet. But I know its going to be good. It might even overtake deadwing.
Live Event: Porcupine Tree at the sheaperds bush empire was great.
Favourite Song: Ooh, hard...lazarus by porcupine tree maybe
Favourite Old song heard for the first time: Nine Cats-Porcupine Tree
Most Irritating Singer Ever: Just one? Westlife, Il Divo, Gerard Way of my chemical flatulence, and the list goes on...
Person(s) I'd most like to smack in the face: Whoever was behind the crazy frog.
Honourable slugging: All of the singers I listed above for crapness, and the guy who is behind crazy frog...again
Hero: Ginger
Heroic second: Tie Between Lemmy, Peter Jackson, and Steven Wilson

Favourite TV show: Farscape. Ok, it's been cancelled, but nothing even comes close.
Honourable second: Top gear is great, and the simpsons.
Favourite Film: Devils Rejects and King Kong
Favourite old film watched for the first time: So many...maybe save the green planet or oldboy, or boys don't cry, or...
Favourite shop: Virgin. Well they pay my wages, so what do you expect?

Crappiest thing that happened (in a tongue in cheek way - you don't need my misery):
Wildhearts splitting up maybe?
< Motor-fucking-head! Farscape-The Best Thing Ever, wooo!!!!