Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stuck dead centre of myself, ready to escape

Hello and welcome to all. What follows is a Dan broadcast:

It is a long time since I have posted on here, which is shamefull considering I have the internet at home now, but this is to change, as will many things. Various thoughts and fellings and events have penetrated my consciousness to a degree that has sent my brain into even more of a thinking frenzy than usual. I cannot continue along the same vein as I have been. I am tired of so many things, and much as a few things have improved, the song remains the same...I am unhappy with myself. With how I am not as outgoing as I could be, with how I don't always say whats on my mind to the right people, and how I coast along the slipstream of life far too much of the time.

I have decided that I really have had enough of just being default Dan. I am the character in any video game that you keep just because it's easier and involves no change. Well no more. I will start by being more productive. I spend enough time at the computer it's about time I used that time productively. I have also decided that, well I don't spend any time really bothering about how I look, I just hove on whatever comes to hand, leave the beard, and gel my hair back. No more. I will be going a lot shorter on the hair front, going clean shaven, and taking more time over what I wear. I think at some point this will involve adding to my wardrobe with various things, for which I have ideas, but for now lets just say default Dan will be changing into Custom Dan, coming to a place near you soon.

This is the first of many broadcasts. Not all of them will be easy to read, or understand, but there will always be that certain truth:What follows and what has passed is, and always will be 100% pure Dan

*Peace, Love And Chocolate*

< Motor-fucking-head! Farscape-The Best Thing Ever, wooo!!!!