Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Must Post

I really must do a proper post soon, but for now I will just leave you with this


Thursday, March 17, 2005


What will your Funeral be like? by rashock
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Death Date:April 13, 2048
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Stop shouting, oh my head...

Well, last night was interesting. Went over to a friens house and had a piss-up in their caravan. We laughed, we drank, we danced, we sang, and we passed out. Well, some of us anyway...

Something amazing just out of shot.
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Dancing fool!
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Mines already gone!
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God only knows what I'm laughing at.
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I'm falling!
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Getting a teeny bit tipsy by this point.
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I think I may have had enough by this point!
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Open wide!
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I am not pisred"£$%^&*
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Not much to say really

Well. I feel like posting but I'm not really sure what to say, so I am just going to say whatever comes into my head. Ok, well I think I will start with college. The stereotypical college student is lazy. Very lazy. I have recently found out how true this can be. All that the people in my class do is mess around. On friday I worked my arse off. I did so much, and we barely got anything done. I give up on them. I have decided I am leaving the place. It doesn't help that our courde tutor is so boring, and manages to make even the most interesting thing arduous. He really makes lessons so boring that I walk out of his lectures feeling relived it is over. He takes something simple and goes on for hours about it. I feel like I am back in primary school, and I have had enough!
Okay, next point. Um...
Right. Next is, well not much really. Blah!!!!!!!!

Ande my final point is random words. boing, peanut, painting, circus, love, tennis, light, disc, bum, butter, list, michael jackson(hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe),midgets, chainsaw massacre, american rednecks(help!), death, belly button and soup.

And for another thing, gigs are the second best thing ever, especially barbs gigs(YAY!!!!).

And farscape is THE best thing EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Are you compatible with me?

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Damn Blogger!

Comments not working again, grrrrrr"£%$£"$^£^^&*%^!%^£!^£"$%^!$£^%^£"%^£!"$^

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

On the rise

I am steadily getting more evil!

This site is certified 35% EVIL by the Gematriculator


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My God!!!!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Look Here


I will probably start putting poetry and rants here soon, and just put random thoughts and quizzes and the like on here.
Hope you like it!


Nothing nothing everywhere
nothing here and nothing there
something something
comes and goes
something dying
all life goes
blackness blackness all around
smothering light and smothering sound
death death...

mother nature creates
humans destroy
trees flourish
humans destroy
flowers grow
life, creation
humans disrupt mother natures song
and create destruction
infecting the earth


Everything is still still
still totally still
until everything is still no more
until destruction breeds creation
once more, still until

My death certain. Destruction absolutely, but what then, where does mankind go from here. What next, if anything. Isthis the end?

Hope beats in the hearts of every man, every woman, but what happens when all hope is lost. Who is there with the hope to rebuild...
And in the aftermath who will rise to sieze the hope back from out of the darkness, who survives, sound in body and spirit. Can they lead the remains of a shattered world back from total devastation.
What remains in the tattered remnants of a world scorched with the fires of self ddestruction, of war. Will there stand, forged from the fires of war, a symbol of hope, or will the ruined world die without so much as a whimper of hope.

Hope extinguished
Fires burning
Hell awaits
those with hopeless yearning.

Hope, hope in vain
Going insane
Eating my brain
Consuming my flesh
Then widthdrawing again.

All consuming, all devouring
evil nurtured, healthy, flowering.
Death, destruction
all earth infested
the end of all hope invested
mass construction
evil rises
mankind trembles
hope leaves.


This morning I was thinking. This happens a lot. Usually it is about something or other being shit. Usually either life, the world or the music industry. Today it was the music industries turn. Now I will admit to being extremely opinionated, and going on quite a lot sometimes, I do generally have my reasons and am able to back them up with a decent argument. In the 'music' industry today, there are a lot of shitheads. They are generally, well everyone. Ok, not everyone, but a lot of them. The people which run the big music companies for example, they don't care one bit about music, just about making as much money as they can. They have dollars in their eyes and black in their heart. Intent on raping the industry for every penny it has, these soulless 'vampires' will stop at nothing to get what they want. They will quite happily burn their morals on the fires of the greed that burn within them, without any hesitation they spew forth a sickening production line of pure fucking shite. Soulless musical crap that is manufactured for one purpose, and one purpose only. To make money. Lots and lots of money. Like mindless zombies muttering 'bland shite instead of 'brains' the record buying masses flock like sheep towards the shops, buying up this product, not knowing, or not caring how it was made, they sacrifice the good music around it and home straight in on whatever product is ' the latest thing(tm)'. The persuading factor is not quality but the quantity of cash which has been thrown at the shit pumping out from the filth-pits, pouring like pus onto the masses, who waddle in it, ecstatic with it, loving it. It doesn't help that wherever you go, there are idiots. Chavs being the most ferial example. Like a plague of epic proportions they have swept across the landscape, instantly lowering buy half the i.q of those unfortunate or stupid enough to be sucked into their ranks. Like the exact opposite of the Nazis, the so called 'master' race, they are the disaster race, but there are no armies marching against them, all those not infected can't or won't do anything about it. To me, the threat of 'the chavs' is far worse than any terror war. I would rather be dead than be consumed by mediocrity and stupidity, bacause no matter how much of a joy being alive can be, to me that is not living. It is, at best, exiting and at worse total death. Death of creativity and individuality. These are the type of people that buy into this type of music, and will slag off anything that they don't like, which is anything not popular, and has any individuality. People can say what they like about each to their own, but, to be honest, that is complete and utter bullshit. With a cherry on top. Possibly a Burberry one. What the people that think this fail to realise is that anyone who does not like this shit has little or no choice about whether they want to listen to it or not. It will be playing everywhere anyway. We have no choice. Another thing they fail to realise is how much this music can damage the music we like. Music made by musicians who believe in what they do, and actually make good music. These musicians and bands are stifled because record companies do not like taking risks, so these bands are held back. To say this is unfair is an understatement, because the turds that make up most popular music do not care about what they do, and so do not deserve to be successful. The people who make great music and care for what they do deserve the success. These grinning/swearing/posing (delete as appropriate) pricks , who have record company executive cocks so far down their throats they are almost out the other end are worthy of nothing except to be locked in a dark room to spend an eternity listening to the shit that they dared to call music. But all is not lost. Bad as the situation is, there are a lot of great bands fighting back, and emerging from the shadows into the light. Who knows, maybe they will pick up their axes and chop of those record exec cocks, and liberate us from this tirade of shit. Heres hopin'.

More Poems!

A Shame?

law breaking for joy
a boy, a siren
a chase, on foot
in their minds
but the conclusion
a bus, a mess
a shame?

Corporate Evil

bus stop, tree top
tip top, clip clop
meat cleaver, sattelite reciever
chop chop, clap clap
splish splosh, splat splat
what a mess, sunday dress
blood spattered apron?, suit?, hands?
evil laughter, silence

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

You will all die.

< Motor-fucking-head! Farscape-The Best Thing Ever, wooo!!!!